Welcome to our Clearance Closet! Inside you will find an excellent selection of hard to find bridal and prom gowns.

When a bridal or prom designer launches their new styles for the next season, they need to stop producing some of their old styles. In the bridal industry we call this ‘retiring a style’.

But your bridal store may have a sample of that style in their store, even though they can no longer order it for their customers. What can they do with them?

We offer them here!

So if you have been looking for your favorite gown, only to find it can no longer be ordered, you are at the right place!

Don’t see the gown you are looking for? Please contact us! We have access to samples from many formal wear salons and might be able to connect you to your dream gown!

Happy Shopping!




Gowns on this site are retired sample gowns supplied by: